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School Yearbooks

Printciple Source produce the “Best School Yearbooks” – with prices from $9 for a  FULL COLOUR YEAR BOOK  !

By working closely with the school’s staff and student’s, we can help you produce the best possible yearbook. Printciple Source can save you 30%-50% from your previous year’s cost.

Two Styles of Yearbooks

Hard Cover YearbooksHard Cover School Yearbook Edge Detail


Click on our Testimonials page and read how happy schools are with the quality of our hard cover school yearbooks as well as image galleries.

 School Yearbook Hard Cover 1

Soft Cover School Yearbook Edge DetailSoft Cover Yearbooks
 School Yearbooks Soft Cover 1
On our Testimonials page, read how happy schools are with the quality of our soft cover school yearbooks as well as image galleries.

Yearbook Design – 3 Options Available!

Printciple Source will supply support to staff or students by providing templates for the cover and text if they are going to produce the finished artwork.
Alternatively, we have a team of yearbook designers that can produce the design and finished artwork from files supplied.

Alternatively, you can use our DIY Online Yearbook Software  [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD] where Printciple Source will supply you the programme free of charge and we will send you a link to demonstrate how easy it is to build a Yearbook.


Printciple Source will work closely with staff and students, you will deal with your own experience consultant.

“We know book printing & have over 50 years experience”

You must be wondering how can Printciple Source save the school 30%-50% on there previous Yearbook cost and still supply a full colour Year Book better than before. We print so many publications every year, that our buying price is considerably lower.
Other than Yearbooks we print over 100 books a year, for not just major publishers but also self publishers,  people who have never printed a book before, in some cases just like “you”, so we are experienced in helping them produce their first book.

School Yearbook Gallery

Creating a Publication

To create great looking publication, we have a team of dedicated people and resources available to assist you.

Our resources available include:

• Full Design Studio
• DIY Online Yearbook Software
• "Tips and Tricks" to creating a great school year book

Our Location

Located in Sydney, Printciple Source is one of the leading school book printing companies in Australia.

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